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Settling into her new life running a coffee and beignet café in the small town of Table Rock, Arizona, Maggie Miller expects nothing but smooth sailing from here on. But she’s blown way off course when Clive Rothschild, co-owner of The Hitching Post, the bridal shop next door, begs her for a favour.

That favour leads to Clive and Maggie discovering a dead body buried beneath a wedding cake. And with the evidence stacking up against Clive and his partner, former professional skater Johnny Wolfe, it’s up to Maggie to dig through the layers of deceit and hem in the real killer. But she may have to skirt the law to do it . . .



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"Maggie Miller, the narrator of Ripley’s appealing sequel to 2015’s Buried in Beignets, is up to her flour-caked elbows in batter and angst in Table Rock, Ariz., where she’s trying to establish her café, which features the famous fried French pastry. One day, Maggie agrees to give a lift to her friend Clive Rothschild, who owns the Hitching Post, the wedding store next door, with his husband, Johnny Wolfe. Unfortunately, Maggie and Clive wind up finding the body of 27-year-old Lisa Willoughby under 700 pounds of wedding cake. Lisa had some history with Clive and Johnny, and Clive becomes suspect number one. The good-hearted Maggie joins a long list of plucky female protagonists who start new businesses—and sometimes new romances—but still are unable to say no to their know-it-all mothers. That creates complications, of course, since Maggie manages to get into plenty of trouble on her own. Every step leads to a misunderstanding or worse as Maggie strives to track down the real killer in this clever, amusing cozy."
- Publishers Weekly


After her divorce, Maggie Miller returned home to Table Rock, AZ, where she opened a coffee and beignet cafe. Her life seems to be back in order until her friend Clive Rothschild, owner of The Hitching Post bridal salon, is accused of murdering Lisa Willoughby, wedding cake artiste. Or did his business and life partner, former Olympic skater Johnny Wolfe, commit the crime? Maggie has a few narrow escapes as she investigates. Caught between the hot detective and the newspaper reporter who seems to know more than he should, what’s a girl to do?

VERDICT Ripley’s entertaining second series outing (after Buried in Beignets) is a tasty option for foodie mystery fans of Sandra Balzo and Jessica Beck.
- Library Journal