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Welcome to St. Barts, beautiful and sensual, vacation spot of models, moguls and movie stars and home to Gendarme Charles Trenet. Life is one sunny day after another and the life of the young gendarme is one of blissful tranquility—even his love life is looking up—that is, until the annual marbles tournament rolls around. The locals always look forward to the good-natured competition and this one looks to be the most exciting event yet. But what has made the stakes suddenly so high? And why does a seemingly friendly marbles competition seem to be at the center of an ugly plot that stirs the passions of all involved?

A seemingly harmless old man’s murder raises questions that demand solutions and long kept island secrets and deceptions come to light as Gendarme Trenet doggedly tracks down the truth in this exciting sequel to Murder In St. Barts.



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“When St. Barts's aged Lothario Remy Deval is murdered on the eve of the annual World Marbles on Sand competition, likable Gendarme Charles Trenet-whose own love life is foundering-investigates, learning that his neighbors take marbles seriously. This second in the "Gendarme Trenet" series (after Murder in St. Barts) provides nice, light entertainment. Ripley divides his time between Belgium and Florida.”
- Library Journal


“Ripley demonstrates his talent and versatility with this second adventure featuring gendarme Charles Trenet. Although they couldn’t be more different than his wacky Tony Kozol series, the Trenet novels also reflect Ripley’s first-rate character development and ample descriptive powers. Trenet, a somewhat innocent, charming, and guileless young gendarme, lives and works in St. Barts, where the “beautiful people” go to sunbathe and forget the real world. When local lothario Remy Deval is found murdered, Trenet’s old friend Thor, a likable eccentric, becomes a prime suspect. Convinced that his wife was having an affair with Remy, Thor argued with the victim shortly before the murder. Although the plot won’t have readers on the edge of their seats, Trenet is a pleasure to be around all on his own. And, as a bonus, Ripley adds some interesting trivia (as he also does in the Kozol series); here it’s about marble competitions. A pleasant, touching story featuring a hero who is a “gentle man” in both senses of the word.” - Booklist