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When Tony Kozol packs his bag and his guitar and heads to Sedona to back up a friend at a New Age conference, murder follows. And the only thing stranger than the murder are the colorful suspects at the conference, not to mention the real stars of the event, the crystal skulls, and now they’re missing! With this second book in a series, J.R. Ripley returns with another murderous predicament for the hapless ex-attorney, ex-restaurateur and now struggling musician and amateur sleuth, Tony Kozol. Janvilhelm Rein Wunderkind has invited his old college roommate, Tony Kozol, to join him at a special performance at the Crystal Magic of the Skulls Conference in Sedona, Arizona. With no other prospects for employment, Tony eagerly agrees. But his old friend has changed and the conference is attended by a bunch of New Age enthusiasts and speakers who don’t seem all too fond of each other and probably wouldn’t be in this lifetime or any other. And then there are the crystal skulls, Magdalena and Azultican, that belong to a young woman who has taken a fancy to Tony. They are said to possess the knowledge of an ancient and superior race who planted the crystal skulls on Earth for humanity’s benefit. When someone at the conference is found murdered and the crystal skulls missing, Tony is drawn deeper into a world of New Age intrigue and mystery, searching for a killer, and questioning his own beliefs in the process…



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Paperback available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and wherever books are sold.




"... Readers will enjoy Ripley's sharp dialogue, which keeps the novel speeding along at a pleasant clip."
- Publishers Weekly


"Wacky characters, liquid prose, frequent humor, and a decidedly light plot place this in the fun, breeze-to-read category. Readers who enjoyed Sharon McCrumb's Bimbos of the Death Sun will also get a kick out of this."
- Library Journal


"As always, with J.R. Ripley's work, this book is fun to read. Maybe it's because he always seems to write with a sort of tongue-in-cheek attitude. ... He has that touch of the bizarre, the outre, the silly, yet there seems to be some common sense behind it. It's always entertaining reading... You'll enjoy this book."
- The Tribune


"Musician Tony Kozol is not thrilled about the idea of traveling to Sedona, Ariz., to play guitar at a New Age convention. He'd rather be at home in Ocean Palm, South Florida, where weirdos don't worry about their auras. The Crystal Magic of the Skulls Conference just does not sound like Tony's cup of tea, but an old friend asked, so he's on the way. When his pal ends up crushed by his piano lid, the amateur detective has something more interesting than chakras to keep him busy. You get the idea Ripley has had a few good laughs at Sedona's expense, and he provides more than a few wicked shots here. Skulls of Sedona is quick and light-hearted and likely to give you a pretty good vibe."
- The Miami Herald


"J.R. Ripley continues to delight with offbeat and provocative settings for this follow up to the benchmark Stiff in the Freezer.  And true to form, Ripley comes up with a mixture of innovation, some wry commentary of the fads of the day, and just plain old amateur sleuthing in a grab bag of fun and excitement."
- Midwest Book Review