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What’s STIFF IN THE FREEZER about? Read on. Running a restaurant can be murder. That’s what ex-attorney Tony Kozol is about to find out. Tony’s troubles began when one of his clients framed him in a money laundering scheme. Tony was disbarred and the next thing he knows, his Uncle Jonathan is handing him the keys to a fast food restaurant. It sounds like good news, but can he handle running a restaurant? And can he handle the…Stiff In The Freezer?



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Paperback available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and wherever books are sold.




"In the genre of Sam Spade, Columbo, and hosts of other "Pulp" stories, J.R. Ripley is so true to form in Stiff in the Freezer that one can almost hear the Bronx accent narrating the story. Dames, diners, and a stiff. . .a wonderful brew for murder and mayhem. . .    Written in a totally off-the-cuff, bare bones fashion. . . Ripley has a cutting sense of humor."
- Midwest Book Review



 "The story is lighthearted, sexy, funny and entertaining. Well-plotted, it rises to an amazing finale. The characters are well-drawn, interesting and believable."
- The Tribune



 "Stiff In The Freezer is a mix of mystery, murder and mayhem."
- The Chattooga Press



 "Light, quick reading, Stiff In The Freezer, by J.R. Ripley is a thriller laced with a good dose of humor. . .Ripley's dialogue and bumbling characters smack of Damon Runyon's style. . .it's perfect for an afternoon at the beach."
- The Island Reporter