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Carnaval time in Rio de Janeiro! What could be more fun?

Yes, it’s Carnaval time in exotic Rio and Tony Kozol’s been invited. Working for Luis Angel, a hot Latin pop singing sensation, Tony Kozol, guitarist and amateur sleuth, packs his bags and heads for sexy, sunny Brazil. Love is in the air. Samba is in the streets…and murder is around the next corner.

In THE BODY FROM IPANEMA, the fourth book in the Tony Kozol mystery series, Tony and his bass playing friend, Rock, find themselves surrounded by beauty and intrigue in a land where not all is as it seems…



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ebook available from Smashwords (direct from author), Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and the iBook store.

Paperback available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and wherever books are sold.




 "an entertaining. . .outing, and Tony and Rock remain an engagingly laid-back sleuthing duo."
- Booklist


"In The Body from Ipanema: A Tony Kozol Mystery, fourth in J.R. Ripley's (Lost in Austin) series, sleuthing guitarist Tony accompanies a Latin pop star at Rio de Janeiro's Carnaval.  Tony and his bassist pal Rock are seduced by Brazil's bathing beauties, music and nightlife, but not so much that they won't try to nail a rich and powerful man for murdering a young woman."
- Publisher's Weekly


 ". . .An exciting, tangled web of criss-crossing motivations and cold-blooded murder. . .a whirlwind chain of events to lure Tony in ever deeper into a dark and wild urban maze of deadly human motives, in this gripping mystery. Also very highly recommended are the earlier novels in the Tony Kozol mystery series: Stiff in The Freezer, Skulls Of Sedona and Lost In Austin."
- Midwest Book Review


"The Body from Ipanema . . .is an exciting, modern-day novel filled with sex, murder and plenty of local color. . .What follows is love, mugging, murder and mystery in an exciting story to read that will definitely hold the reader's attention. These are not exactly my type of stories, but I've enjoyed every one of Ripley's that I've read. His writing is interesting, witty and fast-paced. His hero is likable, easy to relate to. If you don't especially like what you're reading, have patience. In just a few pages the plot will have completely turned. In this book you will be fooled to the last page...."
- Oklahoma Tribune


 "You may have heard that Rio de Janeiro at Carnaval time is the place to be. Tony Kozol, guitarist, thinks so until shortly after he and his partner, Rock Bottom, arrive on the scene with pop singer Luis Angel — all expenses paid. At first, Kozol thinks he’s found his way into paradise when he meets the girl of his dreams. Bottom is far more concerned with a broader sampling of the city’s offerings. But their idyllic existence is short-lived, as things begin to go badly wrong. Luis, as it turns out, is no angel. And the Brazilians in his employ as go-fers and bodyguards are not much better. The two Americans soon find themselves knee deep in mayhem, with Kozol mugged and robbed. While there are many stray bodies strewn along the way, it’s the killing of a beautiful girl that sets the pair off to find the killer. While the plot is confused and confusing, this may simply reflect the city’s realities, and Ripley combines a fast pace with graphic descriptions of Rio’s sights, sounds and smells. The Body From Ipanema reads like a TV thriller in an exotic setting."
- I Love a Mystery